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    Concept Training Employees Recruitment

    talent strategy

    Implementing the strategy of strengthening enterprises with talents is the strategic requirement for the sustained and healthy development of Lai Xin company. It is also the internal motive force for the scientific and technological innovation of the company and the realization of the leap forward development. It is not only related to the company's research production and business development and the process of reform and development, related to the prosperity of the company, but also related to the implementation of major national construction projects, has important strategic significance. The company adhere to the "talent development, talent service priority, use oriented, innovation mechanism, leading high-end, overall development" policy, further emancipate the mind, reform and innovation, follow the rules of market economy and space in accordance with the laws of human development, personnel classification and different management ideas, firmly grasp the personnel selection, use, education stay and other key links, with the scientific development services company as the fundamental starting point to cultivate high-level innovative talents as the key innovation of human resource development and management, optimize personnel structure, improve the quality of personnel, stimulate the vitality of the team of talents.

    First, make full use of human resources at home and abroad, attract all kinds of talents and achievements, establish and perfect the system of the new requirements of the openness, competition and merit, standardize personnel selection, training, use, evaluation, incentive mechanism, and vigorously promote the talent market, occupation specialization and internationalization development, and strive to build a a moderate scale, professional support, structure optimization, quality of personnel. Workers, full-time technical personnel engaged in research activities prior to 15%; professional and technical personnel, with postgraduate qualifications of personnel ratio reached 30%, bachelor degree or above personnel ratio reached 75%; technical personnel and management personnel, has the talent high level of professional and technical positions ratio reached 20%; skilled talents in and have more technicians and occupation qualification personnel ratio reached 10%. The talent competition advantage is further enhanced, the team competitiveness is constantly improved, and the talent input efficiency is improved significantly.

    Second, Lai Xin company will promote the construction of talent team by implementing five major talent programs:

    Implementation of high level talent aggregation plan. Focus on the company's product development and industrial development needs, tracking of high-level scientific and technological experts and excellent occupation managers and professional fields, the establishment of dynamic information base, innovation and chosen approach, the establishment of a special fund to take special measures to attract and gather around 100 overseas high-level experts and Senior occupation managers to Lai Xin company. To carry out major projects of industrial development and management work.

    Implementation of innovative talent development plan. Focus on the need for sustainable development of space technology and international competitiveness, to train a number of influential domestic and foreign innovative scientific and technological talents, efforts to build 5 high-level experts named the laboratory and 10 talents of science and technology innovation team, focus on the selection and training of 50 has the development potential of Youth Science and technology innovation experts. Encourage and support the development of aerospace industry and industrial development of cutting-edge technology tracking research work.

    Implementation of high skilled personnel training program. Focus on the manufacturing level of our company product production, equipment upgrade and industry development needs, from the improvement of training, evaluation, use, incentive and other aspects of the policy of skilled talents and quality level.

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